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Capturing your life's moments with honesty and style.

You're almost ready to walk down the aisle - just a few minor details to take care of. Last swipe of lipstick, putting on "the" dress, carefully fastening on grandma's bracelet, sliding into your shoes, or writing down last minute vows that just popped into your head.

The way your partner looks at you, whether you're near or across the room. The sweet and subtle way the two of you hold hands whilst in the middle of a conversation with an old friend. Their hand gently guiding the small of your back or the way you playfully dance when walking together. 

It's in these small moments when we're in our truest form. The moments we probably don't often think about but are still important to be documented. That's the stuff I live for on your big day.



We'll make it fun and light hearted. Keep an open mind, open heart, and I'll be there to ensure you'll have moments to look back on for years to come.

RUN don't walk and hire Nicole for your wedding literally ASAP!! I am SO grateful we got her to do our film photography for the wedding and she was so flexible and ended up second shooting for us as well. She brought such a fun, supportive & patient energy to the day and made the whole process so easy. She went above and beyond (deforested my dress multiple times since it was picking up leaves/ twigs) and delivered on quality and truly stunning photos! Not to mention, she also turned all the film photos over in record time! Every picture is well captured, artistic and well thought out. We will be treasuring these forever and ever. I would hire her again in a heart beat (and we will be finding more reasons to hire her back for sure!)

"The photos are well captured, artistic and well thought out."

emily & nick

I found Nicole through Anti Bride about 2 years ago, and let me tell you she is a GEM. The sweetest human. As we were initially supposed to do our wedding in Florida, where my husband is from (that we’ve been pushing since 2019 because of covid.), our plan changed and decided to do our wedding in Canada. I was a little bummed since I really wanted Nicole but l thought id give it a try and ask her if she would be willing to travel, and she said YES! She stayed at my sister's house since where I'm from there’s one or two hotels haha. (very small town)  and came to eat with us the day before the wedding. She captured the most beautiful pictures of our wedding and ill be forever grateful for her amazing service.

"She captured the most beautiful pictures of our wedding and ill be forever grateful for her amazing service".

Roxanne + Jonathan

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